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Workers in the agriculture sector are at far greater risk of being killed or injured at work than most. While farmers make up just a small fraction of our total workforce, they make up a large number of workplace deaths and serious injuries.

The NSW Farm Safety Advisory Program aims to provide the tools and support that farming businesses need, provided by people who understand the pressures and complexities of farming.

This free program offers practical tools and specialised advisors to improve health and safety, tailored for farmers.

Charles and Ian can support your safety efforts by:

  • Holding a discussion or information session with our workers on safety topics specific to your needs and farm
  • Working with you to identify safety issues
  • Providing you with practical resources so you can farm safely. These include induction checklists, hazard checklists, safe work procedures and safety awareness videos

NSW Farmers delivers this program in partnership with NSW Government.

Pilot Program

In 2019 and 2020, NSW Farmers delivered the NSW Farm Safety Advisory Pilot Program, funded by SafeWork NSW. The pilot highlighted the need for specialised assistance to help farming businesses meet their employment obligations by:

  • 83% of participants either not having developed their business work health and safety or feeling like they needed help in developing the framework.
  • 56% of participants not having an emergency plan for their business,
  • 45% of participants had not discussed work health and safety issues with their staff and
  • 38% of participants did not have any work health and safety policies in place for their business.
The businesses completing the pilot program found:
  • For over 70%, it was the first time they had received on-farm advice and assistance in developing their work health and safety framework.
  • 97% of farmers felt their understanding of work health and safety increased through the program.
  • 97% of farmers felt the visit helped their business comply with obligations.
  • 97% of farmers would recommend this program to other farming businesses.
Our friendly advisors are ready to help – for more information or to make an enquiry click here.

Advisor Profile

The Program is delivered by NSW Farmers, who employ two dedicated advisors to support farmers improve work health and safety.

Charles Laverty

Having first-hand experience of the stresses of farming from drought and destocking – to 400mm of rain overnight – to devastating bushfires and trying to support family and community during these events, Charles knows all too well the need to just get the job done quickly and effectively.

Charles’ experiences in managing farming operations in both grazing and horticulture led to his undertaking  development of the Farm Safety Advisory Pilot Program which was the forerunner of the NSW Farm Safety Advisory Program. This is aimed to bring all farmers, families and employees home safely to their loved ones, without adding to the pressures you are already facing.

The program draws heavily from Charles’ experiences within livestock management, a firm believer in ‘pressure and release’ he feels that when things are starting to go wrong or the job is becoming a problem, it is time to take a break and reassess what is really going on.

Ian Porch

Having spent over 25 years working in corporate agribusiness across the agricultural value chain, Ian now operates his farming and grazing property in Central West NSW which includes both winter crop and cattle production.

Ian is passionate about Australian agriculture, and the families and communities that prosper from its continual growth and success.

Ian is also intimately aware of the risks it presents with regards to safety and wellbeing, and looks forward to working closely with producers in both identifying and mitigating these challenges in their farming businesses.