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Skin Cancer and Outside Work 
As predominantly outdoor workers, farmers are inherently exposed to significant levels of sunlight. Australia has one of the highest levels of skin cancer in the world. Despite being an almost entirely preventable disease, at least two in every three Australians will develop skin cancer before they reach the age of 70. In this article we discuss sun protection, your obligations and tips to protect yourself and your workers. [Read]
Snake Bites
Snake encounters are very common on-farms all year round – with increased activity during warmer weather and mating season in Spring (September – November). All snake bites must be treated as potentially life-threatening. In this article we discuss snake bites and the recommended snake bite first aid. [Read]
Respiratory Conditions
Farms provide significant hazards and risks to respiratory health such as dust, fumes, ag chemicals and mould. A farm worker's respiratory tract can come into contact with about 14,000L of air during a 40-hour working week – and physical activity will increase their breathing rate even more. Therefore, the quality of the air at work can have major implications for a farm workers respiratory health. In this article we discuss respiratory hazards, risks and controls. [Read]
Noise and Hearing Loss
Farmers are exposed to various noise levels at work. Tractors, harvesters, chainsaws, pumps and firearms are some of the most typical sources of noise on farms. Studies suggest that lengthy exposure to these high sound levels have resulted in noise induced hearing loss to farmers. In this article we discuss noise and preventing hearing loss on-farm. [Read]
Upcoming Events
Here is a list of the upcoming Farm Safety Advisory Program Events in which we look forward to meeting you. If you would like to meet with us on-farm please contact us to schedule an appointment. [Read]

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